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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:12

Rebekah is a rising star in the Techno Scene and one of the newest members of the CLR family. This self-proclaimed Tomboy takes time out of her very busy touring schedule to chat about how her passion for Techno began, the CLR family, Music week in Miami and her own Record label - Decoy Records.  If you didn't catch Rebekah at her last gig in NYC at Cielo's CLR night, don't worry she will be back this summer!

CGNY: How, where, when did you discover Techno?

Rebekah: I discovered techno by going out to a night called Atomic Jam at the Que Club in my home town of Birmingham back in 1996. The venue is like a huge amphitheatre and the atmosphere I had never encountered before. It still had the rave element which is possibly lost nowadays. My passion for techno started right there!

CGNY: Did you grow up in a musical household?  What music did you mainly listen to growing up?

Rebekah: My mom was an original punk rocker and was and still is very young at heart, so we always had music on, everything from Patti Smith, The Sex Pistols through to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Duran Duran. My early memories are of us dancing around the living room. My own taste in music was the obvious pop choices like Madonna and Michael Jackson when I was really young but as I moved in to my teens a love for Brit Pop and Grunge became apparent. Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana were my favourites.

CGNY: How were you discovered by the CLR agency?

Rebekah: A remix I did of a Matador track back in 2011 was soon picked up by the likes of Regis, Adam Beyer and CLR head honcho Chris Liebing. I have been friends with Tommy Four Seven for many years as we had played a few gigs together back in the early 2000's and he asked me for some more music to send to CLR. Chris liked what he heard but it wasn't quite right for CLR but encouraged me to keep sending music. Eventually we had a few tracks that he liked and requested I do a podcast which came out last June and things went from there really. CLR are really great to work with, they are good hearted, down to earth spiritual people, all sharing this huge passion for techno music.

CGNY: Do you think there is an advantage or disadvantage to being a female in the male dominated Techno industry?

Rebekah: I think 20 odd years in to the scene and we are all aware of what the pros and cons are, it’s a double edged sword but my philosophy is simple, do what the boys do and as my 15 year old brother puts it "you're half boy, half girl" I suppose being a tomboy helps!

CGNY: How is it possible to behave always on the road with all those cute CLR boys? Or don't you? :)

Rebekah: At CLR we are one big family, fancying and making out with your brother is wrong on all levels! Regardless of where you come from!

CGNY: What environment do you enjoying djing in the most and why? Warehouse? Club? Festival? Etc?

Rebekah: For me personally it’s all about a great sound and great crowd of people. The techno crowd is way more open minded and will just go with the music. In the early days when I played more vocals in my set the clubbers would become more spoilt and would only want to hear anthems, this really made me re-asses what I was doing musically. I digress; it all comes down to the people and their energy.

CGNY: How was the CLR Pool Party in Miami?

Rebekah: The Pool Party was fun, a lot of people came out to support the party with one guy being out from the previous night, hopping on a flight from NYC and heading straight to the party, pure dedication!

CGNY: Did you get a chance to enjoy Miami at all or was it strictly business?  Attend any good parties?

Rebekah: I arrived a few days early and got to run down South Beach, sunbathe, eat pancakes, hang out with friends and shop! After spending my first winter in Berlin, I think I deserved some sunshine, was just so depressing to go home. The only other party I went to was Carl Craig’s party at Treehouse, this was really great to check out the venue which is pretty special as it doesn't have the usual tables and bottle services and is more like a European style club.

CGNY: What else is in store for you and your fairly new label Decoy Records for the remainder of 2013?

Rebekah: For Decoy we have the next year’s schedule sorted and will be having releases out on a monthly basis, really excited as we have some great music by the likes of Inigo Kennedy, Jeroen Search and Miss Sunshine as well as some new comers Jake Conlon, LAW and Urbano. As for my own productions, the first CLR EP is due out at the end of May and there is also an EP for Brood Audio, these both showcase a harder side which I am excited about getting out there.

CGNY: Will you be planning a visit back to NYC soon?

Rebekah: Something is planned in July, more news on that very soon!!!

Reconnected 03 mixed by Rebekah is out now on CLR




Interview for CGNY by House Diva.


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