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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 15:22

Last month Re-Konstrukt brought a slew of talent to Sullivan Room. Headlining was Dave Robertson – aka Reset Robot. While I’d been friends with Dave for a while on Facebook I hadn’t joined the dots that he was Reset! (duh!)However, in the signature CGNY ‘grab ‘em before they get on stage’ style, I took the opportunity to chat to Dave ahead of his smashing set while fab techno music provided the aural backdrop!

CGNY:  I’m here with Reset Robot aka Dave Robertson. Dave this isn’t your first time playing New York but the first time here for a Re-Konstrukt party?

Dave: Yes first time playing for Syed, Fahad and the guys. I’m looking forward to it. I have played New York before and it’s always been very good.

CGNY: You’re from the U.K. Whereabouts there did you grow up?

Dave: I’m from Portsmouth.

CGNY: And how did you get into the music world?

Dave: I got into this when I was 15/16. Listening to old Ministry albums, Pete Tong, Boy George people like that. I was listening to trance, speed garage, hard house, house music everything! All my friends did and some of them had turntables. Eventually I got some (turntables) and it just snowballed and I got into production and it kind of just went from there really.

CGNY: When was your first ‘big break’ –when did that happen?

Dave: I was producing under my name Dave Robertson and I had a release in 2003 on James Zabiela’s Hearing Aid label. And that was really quite a big moment.

CGNY: Had you been shopping tracks around or how did it land up with James?

Dave: Well I’d always been sending James stuff because he’s a local. He lives in Southampton which is just down the road from Portsmouth. We were big admirers of James work. I used to send him CDs all the time and eventually he came back and said we’d love to put something out on our label.

CGNY: So from there you continued to work as a dj?

Dave: Yes I started to get more gigs, get more productions behind me.

CGNY: What other labels have you released on?

Dave: I released on James’s label and Chris Lake’s label at the time. Also Evasive Records. Mostly UK labels – not massive labels but good for me to be on at the time. Then it got to the point where the music I was doing, I wasn’t able to get to the right people under my name. People were sort of not taking it seriously. So that’s when the name change came in. Then a few peoples’ ears pricked up. It was almost like a fresh start; making some new contacts.

CGNY: It’s funny because I was just chatting to Brendon Moeller about the monikers thing as well – the need for some labels to be exclusive with you and the need to also release as much music as you can…

Dave: That’s a lucky position to be in – he’s a good producer. For me it was more like "Right I need to get my music heard by some different people and they’re not going to listen to it under Dave Robertson because of my previous work". So for me it had to happen and I’m so glad that I did it!

CGNY: So what’s going on for you after you leave NYC?

Dave: I’m back in San Francisco playing theEndup. I’m playing Miami during WMC. I’ve got some stuff in London as well.

CGNY: Do you have a preference for more studio work or djing or is it 50/50?

Dave: Yes it’s 50/50. I love being in the studio. I love being at home with my family and getting to see them every day. But I love coming out on the road meeting new people. I still get nervous before playing!

CGNY: Naturally. I think that is the case for more performers! And how do you psych yourself up for getting up to play? Just get here early to absorb a bit of the atmosphere?

Dave: Yes get here early…

CGNY: Do interviews behind the dj booth with random Irish women?!

Dave: Yes that always gets you in the mood haha! It’s good actually. Takes my mind off it! I haven’t been feeling well today but I’m definitely up for it!!

CGNY: And as a performer – any performer, the nerves sort of get you over that hump and onto the stage!

Dave: Yes the adrenaline starts pumping and you get going!

CGNY: Well we’re ready to hear you and wish you a great set!! Thanks for chatting to me Dave!

Reset Robot plays Miami party March 18th - details here




Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 March 2013 16:08

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