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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 16:55


Kevin McHugh aka Ambivalent stopped off recently to play the Momentum party with Miss Kittin. It’s always fun doing an onsite interview with the music thumping in the background, if not a little challenging! But we managed to have a little chat about collecting records and airmiles and the nature of dj culture!

CGNY: I have a friend named Kevin McHugh! He’s a musician who plays the uillleann pipes but I don’t think you play them?!

Kevin: I wish I’d had the chance to learn!

CGNY: Haha! But you must have some Irish in you?

Kevin: I have about 99 percent probably!

CGNY: That totally explains your technophilia then!

Kevin: You think? Actually there are a lot of great techno fans in Ireland. I’ve had some of my most fun moments in Ireland.

CGNY: Indeed many people have said that about the crowds back home. We definitely migrate to the where great techno is playing whether it’s Dublin or Limerick. I saw that Dave Clarke was playing in Waterford there before Xmas! There’s a mini techno explosion happening in Ireland.

Kevin: I played a show in Cork that I absolutely loved. Every time I play in Dublin you know it’s hit or miss to be honest. Sometimes it’s amazing; sometimes it’s like ‘where did everybody go?”

CGNY: Running to get a cab home at 230am probably!  Clubs tend to close early there! So tell us a little about how you got into being a dj?

Kevin: I started djing probably about 1995. I was living in London. For me djing came as a result of being a record collector. Whenever anyone asks me what kind of advice to give to anyone who is starting out –my thing is always be a fan first – that’s the only advice I can give because that’s what’s worked for me. I was an obsessive nut for the music that I wanted to play. It was about having a record collection more that it was about becoming anything. That’s how it was for another 10 years plus after that. I loved the music and played it but it was about having the music not being in front of it. And it was the same with production. I was making the music because I loved it and wanted to see what it was like to make things the same way the records that I loved were made. I never in any of that time anticipated that it would get to the place where I was an artist who was being listened to – that was never the expected outcome. It was always that I wanted to just be a part of it. At one point, I had friends because I’d been working as an enthusiast, as a promoter, a person who just wanted to promote the scene. I ended up having friends who were in a place of when they liked something that I gave them were able to take it to a global stage. And having friends like Richie Hawtin, Magda and Troy Pierce who were big supporters of music that I gave them put me in a different catego