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Written by CGNY   
Thursday, 08 November 2012 16:05

Inspired by other worldly existences, Daegon has been making steady in roads in the minimal techno scene both here and overseas. His trippy, dreamy sets have been on CGNY's radar for a while now. Next weekend sees him play his first party with techno superstar Chris Liebing in his hometown of Denver at the NORAD dance club. Having had the pleasure to meet at the GATF this year but not to chat - we finally caught up with him via email ahead of his gig next weekend!

CGNY: You’re opening for Chris Liebing at NORAD on 16th November. That’s a pretty nice gig to get - Chris is a legend in techno. Excited? Have you played with Chris before?

DN: Yes I am! It is a sweet gig. Norad Dance Bar has been bringing in a lot of great talent lately, and for my taste Chris is the best. This will be my first time on a party with him. I have been a fan of not just him but a lot of the music he puts out on his label and promoted on his podcast so I’m excited.

CGNY: When and how did you get into djing? What was your first piece of professional gear? What was your first gig like?

DN: I started to mix records around 2005. I played a lot in my basement but never at a club. A few months after I had a friend introduce me to software, and from then on I was hooked on making my own beats. It felt better for me. My first piece of professional gear would have been the Roland sh-101.

CGNY: You’re based out of Denver but travel to Europe quite a bit for gigs. How do you feel the scene for techno compares between the US and Europe. Are we catching up yet?

DN: In my mind, it doesn't compare at all. Two completely different scenes. Here in Denver things have gotten better for techno over the last few years but it still doesn't compare. In Europe the culture they have for techno is much stronger. In the states we have places like Detroit, LA and also Chicago but it's so small compared to Europe. Also the laws we have in the US for alcohol consumption and restrictions on how long clubs can stay open hold the scene back a bit. I don't see the US catching up for quite a awhile.

CGNY: When I first heard your set on the Droid Behavior podcast – I felt it was unique – a bit different from other sets I’d heard. Who or what influences your musical choices/sound designs?

DN: I am very fascinated with the thought of inhabiting another planet.. so that plays a huge part in my sound design. Thinking of deep space or just different dimensions and time travel.. that inspires me.

CGNY: How do you think your live sets differ from your dj sets? And does having a ‘live set’ give you extra ‘credit”, if you will, as a dj/producer?

DN: I never played out as a dj, as I said before, but playing live is you. All of your original or remix work that you have done.. so I think it's very personal. All of my time is spent in the studio, so when you get out and perform and you drop all of your new stuff on the party.. it's a great feeling. I mean it's nice to rock a party as a dj, but for me it's all about what I produce myself.

CGNY: You just played in Denver as part of the Great American Techno Festival – in its second year. How important is it to have a techno festival that focuses on U.S talent? After all Detroit is the original home of techno!

DN: Detroit is the originator but they don't focus on the US artists. I just think it's time for something new. I think what GATF is doing great.. and it's about time!

CGNY: You’ve referenced ‘other worldly’ events as a source of influence on your music or person. Tell us about that! Are you a science fiction nut?! Seems like many techno dj’s are!

DN: I have a fascination with space, extraterrestrial life and many things along that line. I don't know what it is.. but it works with techno!

CGNY: What’s next for you in terms of productions and gigs?

DN: I have been working on an album for some time now, so I hope to have that out soon. November 14 I kick off a 3 month tour so I am very excited about that! I have some nice dates in Juarez, Berlin, Cologne, Vienna, Hamburg, Nice, Amsterdam, Warsaw.. also working on more!

CGNY: An alien (perhaps our distant cousin)lands from another planet and has no clue what techno is! What track/album do you hand over as a learning tool?

DN: Daegon - Under Control & Emptyset - Avichi (Monoloc Remix)

 For more information check out Daegons facebook page here.

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 November 2012 16:35

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