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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 10 August 2012 00:10

For a while now, Joachim Spieth has been steadily building a solid techno empire. The German dj producer and Affin label head has just had a slew of new releases on the label (from Roberto, Noah Pred, Deepchild and many more) but he himself is a stalwart of the techno community, playing the top clubs all over Europe and abroad. Not one to sit back and relax, he's recently started Affin LTD, a sub label releasing only on vinyl.

CGNY: Hi Joachim. Thanks for taking the time to chat to CGNY.

JS: You're welcome and thanks for the option.

CGNY: Tell us about yourself for those not in the know! What’s your musical background? How did you end up in the techno world?

JS: I listened  to a lot of different music.  Later on I got involved in instrumental hip hop (Headz / Mo' Wax)and this was the key to get into electronic music.

CGNY: Who or what would you say was the most influential source on your musical style thus far?

JS: I really don't know. It's more a common thing, not focused on an act or a label. But anyway, Basic Channel, the early Kompakt stuff can be named as outstanding & timeless music that caught me really...

CGNY: I’m rapidly becoming a fan of the Affin sound (see the CGNY review of Deepchilds "Neukoln Burning")The label has gained quite a rep for great techno releases and I keep hearing them in the mix of various top name djs. What’s been your criteria for signing artists or tracks to the label. Is there an “Affin” sound?

JS: Nice, I'm happy you like the label! No, I just consider material that sounds fresh, no matter if techno or house. there're no hidden rules or similar.Nowadays most material we release comes from the label residents or a recent remixer.

CGNY: There’s a lot of great music (techno) coming from all parts of the globe. But Germany in particular just seems to typify a very particular and popular style in the scene. What’s the secret German ingredient?!

JS: In Germany ther're lots of Djs and producer and electronic music has a long tradition.  But German producers gets inspiration from others around the globe, so it's not happening totally independent from the rest.

CGNY: The music industry is rapidly evolving with the advent of computer software and the technology which means you can make a track in the Ukraine in the morning and someone in Boise Idaho can hear it at 3pm in the afternoon! What do you think about the progression of techno and thoughts for the future?

JS: Today there are great options to reach djs around the globe. With the internet it's possible to reach a lot of people but it's also clear that Affin isn't the only label using these opportunities. So the chance to get discovered is relative. I still believe in the music while it's not easy to get recognized these days. I hope that the selling stations will select the music offered in a much better way than the way it's happening today (no matter if digital or physical). Too much music is offered and nobody seems to be willing to get through 1000s of EPS every week.

CGNY: Fair point! It's a heavily saturated market!  So what have been some of your favorite gigs/clubs to play?

JS: Culture Box (Copenhagen) for sure was one of the most impressive, but also my first trip to Mexico or a trip to Iceland this year. Travelling & playing is always nice!

CGNY: You  play all over the world but I don’t think we’ve seen you in NYC yet. Any plans to travel stateside soon?

JS: At the moment there's nothing fixed. But you never know. Since last year we began to build up a booking option for the most label acts, you can find it here(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Affin-Booking/157831137606069). This booking site offers a bit more artist infos & DJ-sets.

CGNY: What’s up next for yourself as a DJ/producer and for Affin?

JS: Just finished a remix for Noah Pred's Thoughtless Music label. I think it will appear in the winter months. Moreover there's a brandnew Affin DJ-Mix Compilation (first ever) I recently finished, with exclusive new tracks from acts like Roberto, Deepchild, Jeroen Search, Chris Page, The Dolphins (...) "Affin Fractals" will be out on 1st October 2012.

You can read & listen something more about it here:


CGNY: Yes I've heard some great promos from Noah and  Roberto (previously featured on the site) and also Matias Fridell. I guess you are keeping busy! And now you’ve got the sub label with vinyl only releases? Can that be a still a profit making venture?

JS: No, it's an edition from the label catalog, also appearing on vinyl. You're right, the situation of selling music isn't really easy these days, but the label is growing constantly, so i'm very optimistic about further developments.

CGNY: When you get out of bed first thoughts are techno/coffee? Both?!

JS: Sure!


For more information on Joachim and Affin releases - check out his soundcloud.

Last Updated on Friday, 10 August 2012 00:53

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