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Written by CGNY   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 17:51


Agaric isn’t only one of the youngest veteran techno and house producers from Sweden, he’s also one of the most interesting and inspired.Though incredibly versatile, the sustained energy in his sets and productions are equally exceptional. May 19th sees him headline at Sullivan Room. CGNY grabbed a bit of his time to find out exactly "Who Made Up the Rules"!

CGNY: What kind of music did you grow up listening to and who or what were your influences?

AG: I was kind of all over the place music wise in different periods. In my early teens I guess mostly heavy guitar music and Swedish punk, and then later on electronic industrial and got hooked on to that whole scene for quite a few years during my mid-teens. Then we went to some rave in Copenhagen across the bridge to Denmark I suppose and started messing around with trying to make techno music in a make shift studio / garage around '96 or so! I think we got a record deal a bit too soon for our own good, the early recordings are less than "professional" sounding, haha.

CGNY: When did you move to Berlin? What propelled you to move there?

AG: I moved to Germany in the beginning of 2007, since me and my friends had started taking trips to Berlin quite often and it just made sense. Nothing more could really happen in Malmo for me, and I did not feel like moving to any other city in Sweden.

CGNY: What was your first gig that you thought “Yes, this is a feasible job for me”?!

AG: I guess the first or possibly second gig outside of our studio space was at quite a huge warehouse techno event in London, so well - needless to say not much time was needed for us kids to ponder about whether or not more gigs like that would be worth pursuing!

CGNY: You’ve released more than 100 tracks on vinyl. Is that something you see yourself continuing to do? At any stage do you think vinyl will become a thing of the past?

AG: Yes much more than that and I don't reckon vinyl will ever be a thing of the past. The CD though I can totally see going away. That format has no real need nowadays; either you are fine with getting your music in a non-physical manner, straight loaded onto your computer. Or, you want a physical product that has more individual quality, is of respectable size, and looks as well as sounds dope. Did I mention vinyl is tasty as well?

CGNY: Loved “Who Made up the Rules’! So catchy! How big a deal is it to have someone like Josh Wink support a release (on Ovum)?

AG: Glad that you like it. The track came about super quickly just half a day in the studio, and I'm thrilled that so many people played it and talked about it. That Josh and Matt picked it up for Ovum was great, I couldn't imagine a better alternative for the track and the album as a whole.

CGNY: Apart from playing Sullivan Room in NYC, what other events are you looking forward to in 2012?

AG: I'm looking forward to all the stops in the US now starting over the next days. New York, Boston, Denver, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. Then I'm home and our new studio will be ready to move into so June will be all about making new music projects! Aside from we are label showcases at Sónar, Paris and Vienna.

CGNY: What’s your favorite track right now from another artist (if it’s possible to single out only one?)

AG: Yes it's impossible for me to give you one favorite track but some random artists that I've enjoyed playing the last weeks is Kassem Mosse, Arttu, Tazz, Conforce, Unbroken Dub, but honestly mostly older gems as of late. I'm feeling nostalgic in 2012!

CGNY: What are your interests or passions outside of music?

AG: I think there are two things going on in life as far as I see it, there is music, and then there is also food.

CGNY: If you weren’t in musical production, what career path might you have followed?

AG: That is difficult to answer, and I have no idea because I would probably be an entirely different person if I wouldn't have taken the paths that led me to where I am today. But yeah I would be twice the size that I am today, work as a reputable bouncer, and hate techno music :)

CGNY: What would be your ultimate gig to play either location or with other artists?

AG: Wow I mean well, it would be nice to do a day long live jam at Angkor Wat during the summer solstice together with Chris & Cosey (teleported in from 1988 or so), Stephen O'Malley and Conrad Schnitzler. Well he passed away so I guess Klauz Schulze could replace him. I would mostly hang out myself :)

For more information about the May 19th gig in NYC go here


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