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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 15:57

Greek DJ/producer Mihalis Safras has a long history in the electronic music scene of Greece, becoming one of his home country's most celebrated DJs. Over the course of the last decade he has tirelessly established himself as one of the Mediterranean's most promising and hard working up‐and‐comers; appearing on at least a dozen12‐inches last year alone. His recent podcast on Corey Biggs Musiic the Drug caught our attention but he's been one of CGNY's favorite producers for a while!! Here's our little chat!

CGNY: First of all I love your music so I’m very happy to get the opportunity to interview you! I think you retweeted a tweet of mine once which means we’re practically engaged!! How’s life for you these days? Let me start off with a couple of the standard questions. How did you get into electronic music initially?

MS: Haha engaged it is then! Well since '92 I am into mixing and so on so long story:) I think my dad can explain to you the story better than me, since his 1st gift to me as a 12 year old boy was two turntables:)

CGNY: Who and what are your inspirations – what did you grow up listening to?

MS: Well I started as a NB dj so my favorite artist back in 1995 was LTJ... Later on some huge bands had an impact in my brains like Radiohead, Portishead and so on...

CGNY: I don’t think you’ve played NYC yet?!!  I voted for you to play Electric Zoo this year :(

MS: Thanks for the word amigo! I had an offer for the Electric Zoo 2 years ago but that didn’t go through. So far I've been there once but never dj'ed..Hopefully soon enough:)

CGNY: Where have been your favorite places to play of late?

MS: Each place has its uniqueness but Ibiza, Germany and Italy are also hip and hype places! Besides that Ukraine is also the place to go and rock the floors.

CGNY: You also work on a music column with John Barnum. That’s a lot of juggling! How did that come about?

MS: Well John is like my brother and we decided to go together in this area. Writing reviews for forthcoming singles and albums is always a pleasure, if of course you dont nail them :)

CGNY: You live in The Netherlands now which makes I’m sure traveling to European gigs so much easier. But do get to go back home and play?

MS: Well there is a misunderstanding here. I live in Athens, Greece. I never do dj in my country for reasons I have explained but yes travelling and airports is like my second skin these days. The worse thing is the food at the airports but still in quite happy with what I do:)

CGNY: Apart from your original works, you have a very eclectic mixing style. I just heard you drop Abba and one of the hardest tracks of the year – Are you Afraid – in the same set!! I love that!  What do you do to prepare for a set in a club or one that maybe you’re recording for a podcast?

MS: Two different issues here...when I dj at a venue I never prepare anything since I am an oldskool guy:) I still spin my vinyls and I decide what to spin when I am at the club! But when I am recording a podcast then I try to play the hottest tracks I have as demos or forthcoming releases of our label, Material. Regarding ABBA: Thumbs up!

CGNY: Do you still go clubbing yourself on occasion?

MS: I do go out but remember that I am dancing every week at clubs when I dj but when you dj every weekend or so in your free time you prefer not to attend a club unless Radiohead are playing:)

CGNY: What do you like to do in your spare time?

MS: I try to read my favorite book which is the Bible. Try it!

CGNY: What are you djing/producing plans for the rest of the year? I know you do your own podcast regularly but apart from that are you working on any new material or any overseas gigs planned?

MS: That would be the longest answer I guess:) Well yes we have the label, Material, running and that takes us a lot of time. Besides that I have forthcoming releases and remixes on Toolroom, Snatch, Suara and off course Material. I am quite happy to see that the latest productions go well as that has an effect on the gigs. This month has been one of the busiest ever with gigs at Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg, and Paris in the same month! Stay tuned for more:)

For more information go to : www.mihalissafras.com

Last Updated on Friday, 04 May 2012 14:03

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