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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 21:54

Hans Bouffmyhre is only 24 and has already acquired quite a reputation as a purveyor of the finest quality techno. With a new release on Speedy J's Electric Deluxe label (Hypnosis) and world wide gigs (a Hdden Recordings/Sama Records party here on May 19th!) it's all about bangin' techno!

CGNY: First of all do you prefer to go by Hans or Stephen? And if the former – why did you pick that name!? For the last few years I’ve been under the impression you were from Germany!

HB: Haha! The first question people always ask me is how I came up with the name Hans Bouffmyhre. It's a very unique sounding name and that's probably because it's completely made up! My real name is Stephen, but a lot of my friends now call me Hans, so i'm cool with both.

CGNY: Well first off congrats on your latest EP Hypnosis released on Speedy J’s EDX label. (Only 24 and already on a number of big reach labels!) How did that come about and what was the inspiration behind the tracks?

HB: My sound has been progressing and evolving over the past couple of years. When you compare my new productions to some of my older stuff i'd say that it's all gone very dark and very techno. Yeah it's been a great experience to be involved with Electric Deluxe so far! I've been a fan of the label for a long time, so i'm happy to be part of it.

CGNY: As well as this release, you also have your own label Sleaze Records with some impressive releases there also. What makes you or any dj decide to release on a different label from time to time instead of their own – reaching a wider audience?

HB: Yes I think it's good to spread your music around to a few different labels. That way you have a wider audience and it's also fun to do different kinds of projects on different labels.

CGNY: who/what were your musical influences growing up?

HB: I've mentioned on a few interviews in the past, but I first started listening to techno when I was 17. I was going to regular nights at the Sub Club and the Arches in Glasgow. We are lucky in Glasgow to have Soma Records, who have been doing it for over 20 years now! So there's always plenty of techno events happening all over the city and i'm sure that's why there are a lot of new producers coming out of Glasgow at the moment!

CGNY: Not every dj produces and not every producer dj’s although the latter is a little rarer. When did you decide that you wanted to do both?

HB: I started off just as a DJ, but after a couple of years I began to experiment with making my own productions. I was always interested in music production and I think it was a natural progression for me at the time. It's great to be able to play your own tracks as part of a DJ set!

CGNY: There is a passion and talent for great techno in Scotland!! Slam, Edit Select, yourself! Do you think there is a cultural reason for that? Any other folks from your neck of the woods we should be looking out for?

HB: There is a lot of techno talent in Glasgow, that's for sure! Apart from the already well known new guys like Gary Beck, Harvey McKay, Simon Stokes who are making seriously good stuff, my older brother has also started releasing music over the past year. His name is Lex Gorrie and his debut EP on Sleaze Records comes out later this year, so make sure you check him out!

CGNY: Apart from your own Sleaze parties (presume you are still doing those) what parties have you played that you’ve really enjoyed (caught you in Miami 2 years ago with Perc and Alexi Delano – smashing!)

HB: I played at Melkweg for Electric Deluxe last weekend for the massive Queensnight party with Speedy J, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock & Giorgio Gigli. That was something special, the place was packed and there was a great atmosphere! Every time i've played in Holland infact, there seems to be a good scene over there and lot's of young people who are mad for the techno! The last 2 times I played in Berlin, making my debut at Berghain and our recent Sleaze Showcase at Tresor. Both amazing nights!

CGNY: On a techie note, your website is very cool – very well laid out! How important is it as a dj/producer to be socially networked and aware?

HB: I think it's important nowadays, with most of the promotion for releases, parties, etc all being online. I also believe people can release music and do well without having a big online presence, but I like to be in touch with promoters, label managers, fans and the best way to do that is with social networking!

CGNY: Now I have to ask a contentious question – Celtics or Rangers supporter?!

HB: I'm a proud Glasgow Rangers fan! Unfortunately it's been a terrible year for the club because of the huge financial problems we're having. It's been like a soap opera with all the revelations coming out. I just hope we can get the problems sorted and be back next season.

CGNY: Where can we see you playing in 2012 – any US dates planned?

HB: Yes! I'm going to be in the US for the last 2 weeks in May. I have dates confirmed for New York  - May 19th (at National Underground) & Toronto, but for the rest of the trip i'll be relaxing in Miami with my girlfriend!




Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 14:04

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