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Written by CGNY   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:52

Marco Bailey is a legend on the edm circuit. From his early years as a resident dj in his native Belgium, to new releases on Digweed's renowned Bedrock label and gigs at Space Ibiiza, he's currently touring in the US and is set to play Sullivan Room this Saturday!! Never mind the bollocks, Marco's got things to say and play!!

CGNY: First of all have to compliment you on your tattoos!! You’ve got a lot of them! When did you start?

MB: Haha! I started in 2006 and since that year I have a monthly appointment with one of my tattoo masters :)

CGNY: You’ve just released "Stars and Shines " (massive tune, really liked it) on Digweeds' Bedrock label. How is it working with such a producing legend and being a major part of his label? Are there any plans for further releases on that Bedrock label?

MB: Yes, of course. I have done already lots of tracks including my album Dragon Man on John's Super Fantastic BEDROCK label. It's an amazing label that has the guts to release many unique and elaborate music styles outside of the box. Bedrock Label is an influencing power horse that has the bollocks to go over borders and not release the same nonsense over and over again. It's a major label for lots of years in my eyes along the caliber of a Warner Bros and I am blessed and glad to be a part of the label and releases .

CGNY: Tell us about your introduction into the electronic music world – how and when did you start djing?

MB: Well it started too many years ago to count, when I was 18. I went out to a local club, saw the dj doing his thing, and I thought to myself "I wanna do this thing too". So I began practicing at home with 2 very old turntables without even a pitch on it, bought some records and after a couple of months of deliberate practice you become a leader sooner then later. I was a resident in a club. After playing for 7-8 years around 1995, I made my first production and record and here I am now with my label Mb Elektronics, Elektronic Force weekly Radio Show and my new release this past Monday "Stars and Shines" EP on Bedrock Records!

CGNY: Fantastic!! You grew up in Belgium. There are some pretty great techno dj’s coming out of there now but what was the scene like when you were growing up –and today?

MB: When I grew up it was rock mixed with blues and funk and Hip hop; from The Doors to Iggy pop , The Stoooges , Simple Minds , U2 to John Guitar Watson, James Brown and Public Enemy. It was later years from 1992 till 1998 that we had in Belgium a great AMAZING scene and in my eyes and mind I believe was pretty much the best inthe world! Clubs were open from Thursday until Tuesday non stop. Great music all over the place! Techno pioneers like Juan Atkins, Joey Beltram, Derrick May and Blake Baxter coming to Belgium, releasing on Belgian labels and playing at our clubs. We had great music like CJ Bolland, Frank de Wulf B Sides, Zolex etc etc. Now these days the promoters are playing the wrong game and have lost the soul and path of music in Belgium, because they bought into everything which they believe is popular in other countries or other concepts from other places they just copy and "live in a Disney World Narrative Fallacy " do the same bulls--t to attract people. It is actually the same with majority of the lost dj's and producers playing follow the leader. It has come to my attention that this virus has infected many djs in a similar way; their own artists that were legends in the past are not important anymore as what seems to be "cool" has taken over better than sick ass music to move the masses. I really honestly don't know one country in the world where on a big festival standpoint the line up for example is 95 % foreigners and 5 % own citizens ... Actually this is Belgium currently and in my mind its quite a shame to be honest. I feel deeply, this is not good for the artists themselves in my country and for the faith of the Belgium crowd ...

CGNY: How very true. In certain respects it has become about commercially driven music and making money. Still the underground thrives!! So when not playing and producing how do you like to spend your time?

MB: Relaxing /sauna , driving with my bike , good restaurant ...

CGNY: What’s your DJ set up?

MB: 3 CDJ 2000 with Traktor or in some cases SD card.

CGNY: What’s been your most exciting gig to date?

MB: Playing at Ageha Club in Tokyo Japan, Space in Ibiza, Tomorrow Land festival in Belgium and "I love Techno" in 2004 where I did a Live set.

CGNY: Do you have any US dates lined up? Where are you playing next? (I know Sullivan Room on Saturday!)

MB: Yes I am currently in the US ! I did 2 gigs already last weekend at Might 119 in San Francisco that was fun. Then at RISE in Boston which was awesome! This upcoming Friday 9th at Bleu in Detroit and Saturday March 10th at Sullivan Room in New York and a Special Carry on After Party Sunday Afternoon at a Secret Location in NYC I am told is some "Covert Afterhours". Mauro Picotto actually told me about the Underground movement going on right now with a amazing crowd! In NYC for my new Release Stars and Shines EP on Bedrock come and check me out !!

CGNY: There with bells on Marco!! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us!! Continued success with all projects!

Information for Sullivan Room gig here!

Check out Stars and Shines here:




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