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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 16:04


Celebrating a high-watermark of 20 years as a globally respected DJ and producer, The Netherlands’ FERRY CORSTEN releases his fourth full-length studio album, WKND, on Ultra Music/Flashover. A master at creating dancefloor mayhem, CORSTEN packs WKND with painstakingly crafted original tracks spanning the most soaring of vocal tunes to the most monstrous of club anthems. After all, after 20 years as one of the biggest and most sought after DJs on the planet, CORSTEN is as comfortable behind the consoles of his studio as he is in front of crowds numbering into the many thousands. We were lucky enough to snag FERRY CORSTEN for a few precious moments to talk shop. Here’s what went down…

CGNY: This is your fourth studio album. What was the inspiration behind this album, WKND?

FC: My last album was released back in 2008, and I thought it was time for a new artist album. I’ve released several remixes and singles, but I always think that an artist album is something more special. My inspiration comes from lots of things, like my family, my surroundings, things that I see and hear on television etc.

CGNY: You’ve remixed some awesome tracks from Public Enemy in the past and have used several musical styles in producing some of your most famous tracks. What are some of the genres that influence you musically?

FC: Of course I listen to what other dance artists are producing, but when I’m at home, I normally listen to much more laidback stuff which influences me musically. I like listening to music that is very different from what I do in the studio. Listening to other genres can be very inspiring, as well.

CGNY: From the WKND album, we have had a chance to hear "Check It Out," "Brute" with Armin van Buuren, and "Ain’t No Stoppin’" with Ben Hague, all massive tracks. Do you have a particular favorite from the album?

FC: I have a certain feeling towards every track on the album, and I can’t say I have a particular "favorite" track. They are all different and have certain things about them, what makes them great for me. So picking a favorite would be the same as picking a favorite of your three children.

CGNY: We’d also like to congratulate you on 20 years as a leading DJ and producer! What are some of your most memorable experiences?

FC: The release and success of [my moniker] System F’s Out Of The Blue. This was the track that launched my career on a worldwide scale. Another very big moment in my career was the first "Full On Ferry" themed event. This was the first major event that carried my name and where I was very much in control in terms of the production, etc. And more recently, last December, playing for a massive crowd of 20,000 people at Stereosonic in Australia was amazing. The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to me, which was really awesome.

CGNY: The electronic dance music scene has changed quite a bit over the last few years. How do you see the scene evolving?

FC: A lot of styles are merging with each other. I hear so many house tracks with trance elements, or the other way around, for example. In trance music, I see the bpms (beats per minute) dropping from 135-140bpm to 128-132bpm. I can start my set with a house track with trance-y elements now, and I love it. I really think that dance music will reach wider audiences again with the American scene expanding so rapidly.

CGNY: Do you have any plans to celebrate the 250th episode of your internationally syndicated radio show, "Corsten’s Countdown"?

FC: Yes, I do plan on celebrating Corsten’s Countdown episode #250, but I can’t say too much about it just yet. Just keep watching my website or follow me on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll know soon enough!

CGNY: Name three of your favorite things about New York City?

FC: The food. The ambiance. The people!

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Interview by Jarobin Gilbert for CGNY.



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