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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 14:54


Alan Fitzpatrick is one of the biggest names in techno right now. With releases on Adam Beyers Drumcode label and remixes for top name talent, his star is continuing to rise. CGNY caught up with Alan ahead of his Basic NYC (and NYC debut gig) on Friday at Sullivan Room!

CGNY: How does one emerge onto the Techno scene in 2009 and already have a successful label 8 Sided Dice, several chart topping EP’s on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, tons of remixes for some amazing Techno artists/legends (including John Digweed and Timo Maas to name a few), and play in top clubs and festivals all over the world? How do you do you do it SuperMan?

AF: I don't know really, it all just seems to happen like that. I think if you put in the hard work, it all starts to pay off. Its fair to say I'm very busy but I love what I do and it's definitely the dream job. I get so used to being busy, that if I have a quiet week, it freaks me out ha!

CGNY: Do you play any instruments (besides a turntable of course)?

I own a couple of guitars, but I rarely get a chance to play them. I bought them a few years ago and i do at some point intend to learn them.

What music did you mainly grow up listening to?

Growing up i had many musical tastes. My mum and Dad are big fans of Motown and Northern Soul so I was often hearing this is the house. As well as things like Michael Bolton, Prince and Simply Red. As a young teenager I was really into the Beatles, The Who, Oasis, Guns and Roses and The Verve. I then discovered electronic music and started listening to the Prodigy and various rave tape packs with mixes from Carl Cox etc. That is when I caught the bug and bought decks.

What is your set up looking like these days?

AF: 2 or 3 x CDJ 2000's and an Allen & Heath zone92 mixer.

CGNY: What do you find most challenging about the Techno industry? What do you find most rewarding?

I think these days its keeping up with the new forms of technology available and Social Media, trying to stay in line with the modern world haha! Not really anything specific to techno. Most rewarding is being able to travel the world every weekend playing music to crowds and generally having fun.

CGNY: Past or Present who have you always dreamed of working with?

AF: Prince - An absolute legend! Just hope I get to see him live again one more time.

CGNY: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, if you have any spare time?

AF: Being with my family. I have a (nearly) two year old son, so any spare time I get is spent being with my fiancee and him.  We go to the zoo, the parks and generally spend as much time having fun together as possible. Its almost like I have a double life. When I am home from touring, I am in total daddy mode.

CGNY: What is in the water or air in Southampton that produces such great talent?  I think you and James Zabiela are 2 of the most talented artists in the industry!

Thank you very much, Yeah its a crazy one. There are so many of us of the south coast that write music and DJ. I think it's a real hot spot for new talent. Each year I discover a new young fresh face from here. It's a cool city in that respect.

CGNY: Will Friday’s gig at Sullivan Room for Basic NYC be your first gig in NYC? US? What took you so long?

Yeah, first time in NYC as a performer. I have been to the city a few times but never played, mad right? I have a large following there so I'm really looking forward to it.
Believe me, its gonna be the first of many visits haha!

CGNY: Any good non-Techno plans during your trip to NYC?

Yeah plenty. It is my fiancee's birthday so our schedule is super packed with sightseeing, shopping, eating and spending some chill time in the city. I am really looking forward to it. I rarely get the chance to stay somewhere for a few days.

What are you most excited about for 2012?

AF: I have a number of great BIG collaborations coming up, also a new Drumcode EP and some really great gigs. Also another super secret project. If i say anymore, I'd have to kill you... and we don't want that do we? ;-)

Check out Alan Fitzpatrick at Sullivan Room this Friday Jan 20th. Details here

For more info on Alan and his music - go to his website!

Our thanks to House Diva for the interview!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 January 2012 15:59

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