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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 16:29

I almost wanted to not interview James Holden...because his music speaks for itself. Ethereal, beautiful, precise. There is almost nothing left to ask really; the music stands alone. Nevertheless I could not pass up the chance to have a chat after his set at Electric Zoo 2011 with a legend of electronica. And discovered we both like cheese fries!!

CGNY: I just tweeted about an hour ago that James Holden alone was worth the price of admission to Electric Zoo today, Saturday and now I have the privilege to be chatting to him here. James, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. How was your set?

JH: I really enjoyed myself, I really did, Nice crowd!

CGNY: Kind of early in the day! I know you played the first year of Electric Zoo and that was a later time, maybe an 8 or 9 in the evening set. Does the time of the day inform your set or do you just play what the hell you like?!

JH: Yes everything informs it! What’s before, what the crowd's like, the weather. Everything. It sort of doesn’t really matter what time it is. It's more just the luck of who’s playing before you, what the atmosphere is like in the tent, if it fits nicely and today it did!

CGNY: It did because Guti played a live set before you and it was a perfect blend into your set. But you still dropped it kind of hard which we loved! You don’t come to America too often James?

JH: No! I don’t really like taking long flights (laughs). I like to be at home with my synthesizers, in my pajamas… Its hard coming here, visas; all this protectionist American stuff..

CGNY: Well we’re delighted when you come here. You make rare visits so we’re very pleased to have you!

JH: And I do actually love America! Last year I had the greatest time in Seattle. Took a little tour around the Pacific Northwest. It’s different from Europe, this palpable sense of freedom. I like it!

CGNY: It is a kind of an optimism that sometimes doesn’t exist in Europe, especially right now …

JH: And especially in England. We’re not optimists at all!

CGNY: Well the Irish aren’t generally either – we have that in common! What’s going on with Border Community these days James?

JH: Actually I feel like we’ve got the best things to put out that we’ve had for a long time. We’ve a pile of amazing records to release. It’s so exciting. There are up and downs to everything. And now its really on the up. We’ve got this album by Kate Wax. I’ve done some re-edits on it. I feel for the first time I’ve let go and made like a club bomb or something!! Nathan Fake has just finished his album and its mind-blowing, like next level shit! Everyone’s got to go listen to it; do their homework! Its quite humbling stuff really. Then the Luke Abbott album was out a while ago which was great but its weird! It’s sort of building up still. More people are discovering him. And so we’ve got this last record from his album which has a video which is definitely the best thing we’ve ever put out. There is a synergy between his girlfriend who is a photographer and a friend of his who’s a poet.. that sounds really pretentious!

CGNY: It actually sounds really cool!

JH: It’s a piece of art but its also a really touching thing. It’s a perfect artifact.

CGNY: When you’re here in New York do you get to hang out? I know you’re vegetarian! Do you get to check out any good veggie restaurants?

JH: People keep telling me about really good raw food restaurants that I should go to but I always end up eating cheese fries. But… I fucking love cheese fries!!!

CGNY: Cheese fries aren’t bad but there are certainly good alternatives in this city!! So after New York, are you flying back – going right to somewhere else?

JH: I’m leaving this evening which is nice. I’m going to Japan next week so I’ve got a lot to do before I go so.

CGNY: Well I don’t want to hold you. Thank you again for a great set, it was amazing!!! We hope to see you back here soon and thanks again for talking to clubbersguidenewyork!

JH: Cool. Nice talking to you!


Last Updated on Friday, 18 November 2011 16:46

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