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Claude Young

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Written by CGNY   
Thursday, 30 June 2011 16:20

A classically-trained jazz virtuoso and national rock ‘n’ roll hero in Argentina, Guti’s double 12” pack for Desolat will leave you in no doubt of his ability to twist a snaking groove into something echoingly hypnotic. The tracks contained here are already a favorite in the record boxes of artists like Loco Dice, Seth Troxler and Marco Carola, while Guti’s life story could itself be the subject of a story by Jorge Luis Borges: "I leave to several futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths."

CGNY: First off congratulations on the album – it’s quite beautiful. I had a preview listen but already know I want the whole thing! Tell us about your process in putting that together because you cycle through a few styles – from melodic, Latin-infused techno through jazz ( “Still Here”).

GUTI: I’ve never thought about which influence or style I wanted to go on the album, it is just music to me. I create without thinking too much, playing like a kid, trying to get connected with the feelings. I can’t explain it so much because I don’t know the formula yet, but it’s about to get lost, which I really do. It fascinates me the same way to write "All The Girls" or “Still Here”, I just love music, and I guess when you get to that point of absolute abstraction in the studio all those years of music and experience come out.

CGNY: You recently played in NYC with the Verboten folks. How was that party and the NYC crowds (I missed it!)?

GUTI: That party on the rooftop with Davide (Squillace) was one of the hottest parties I’ve ever played. Magic. I had a big piano and people were really hot - amazing vibe.

CGNY: There is some great (and has always been some great) techno coming from South America. What did you start off listening to when you were younger that drew you in?

GUTI: Ricardo (Villalobos) and Luciano were big influences on me at that time, they made us feel proud of our roots and showed the world our thing about rhythm; it’s not just about congas and happy people, a lot of things are going on! But to be honest I barely listened to electronic music; they just showed me you can do house and techno and still remember who you are and from where you came.

CGNY: You have a background in jazz and rock and roll, but have chosen techno as your main field of play (or have you?!) What drew you to electronic dance music ultimately?

GUTI: It’s very interesting for me, it’s so open with everything to discover (and what I don’t know so much about). I like to keep it like this: for me, it’s fun to do. I grew as a musician a lot, the rock background helps in the way. I see the song, the jazz thing in the way I think the song. You have to be super synthesized with your ideas and you can do great things. I enjoy every day making music, and new ideas are coming non-stop. I like the feeling of being creative all the time.

CGNY: Some big name producers/remixers on this album including Guy Gerber (We Shall Overcome) and Ryan Crosson of Visionquest. Daniel Melingo was also another name I’m not so familiar with but his musical background is pretty amazing. How did you decide to work with these artists?

GUTI: Well let’s start with Daniel. He is absolutely unbelievably talented, not just the things he achieved like writing music for (Pedro) Almodovar movies or being Grammy nominated; he is over 50 now, and he loves music more every day, always new projects and albums. It was just the pleasure of my life to go with him to the studio. I grew up listening to his songs on the radio, he was already a huge rock star in the 80´s, it’s an amazing story. Also we’ve just done an exclusive single for the new Carl Cox compilation album together, that is pretty special.

With Guy and Ryan, their music speaks for them too, Guy is such a special person and artist, we connected so good from the beginning and it’s not the first thing we’ve worked on together. I’ve been making music for his label for a while. Ryan is my buddy, a close friend, again it’s not the first record we did together, when the album idea came up, I just wanted to be with my closest friends and artists I admire.

CGNY: What are the best and worst parts of your work as a producer?

GUTI: I’m just creative; I love the process. I can do 4 or 5 totally different songs in a day, even my biggest songs I’ve written in less than two hours. But the good part is also the bad one; I can’t re-work songs because I lose the feeling. A lot of songs get lost in the process, and I’m ok with that now, it’s like it was not meant to be. I need to do it all at once, start and finish. Also I can’t go out of the studio or eat until I finish it! I’m just gone.

CGNY: The poetic influence is strong in your work and the Latin theme of “Broken Hearts and Pain” is something you’ve mentioned that inspires your music. Not commonly associated with dance music though but you’ve managed to factor it in!  Is it something that consciously or subconsciously drives your music/performance?

GUTI: Well I think it is part of our culture, just I like to play with it instead of repress it. I know I’m way too sentimental for electronic music, but as you have said I’m managing it! For me it’s to make people feel things, and if you’ve seen me perform, I’m feeling it! In our culture it’s not just about being sad or happy, there are a lot of different feelings and I like to get into them. I love melancholy that makes you smile, I like to play with that. Also I guess I’m away from home, so the fun gets mixed with a lot of things inside of me. Sorry!

CGNY: Can you tango?!

GUTI: I can play, and I can sing - to dance you have to live tango, every word every thought must be tango.


CGNY: You’ve got a nice tour coming up – including Boston and Chicago dates. Anyone in particular that you’re really looking forward to or have not played before?

GUTI: It’s a great tour through the States, Central, and South America, which will also be a big professional experience. I’m playing almost every day! I’m in Mexico right now, at the end of this craziness I will play at Clubland in Buenos Aires, a really big show in front of my people, definitely looking forward. And some gigs in Brazil too. With the states it’s a new experience and I’m really enjoying it, people listen super carefully and I like the vibe. I haven’t played in any of the cities of this tour, just Miami but during the conference, so it will be a big surprise every night. And I like that feeling.





30th June - Bar Americas - Guadalajara, MEX

1st July - Pure Lounge - Panama City, PA

2nd July - Vertigo - San José, CR

6th July -Re:set Wednesdays - Boston, USA

7th July - Tryst - Toronto, CDN

8th July - Electric Pickle - Miami, USA

9th July - Voodoo at The Eclectech - Los Angeles, USA

10th July - Kelly - San Francisco, USA

16th July - D-Edge - São Paulo, BR

21st July - Black Sheep - Cordoba, AR

22nd July - Dorian Gray - Cordoba, AR

23rd July - Clubland - Buenos Aires, AR

30th July - Global Gathering - Stratford-upon-Avo, UK

01st August - Amnesia - Ibiza, ES

12th August - Space - Ibiza, ES

13th August - Supermarket - Zurich, CH

14th August - Chaca Chaca - Munich, GER

01st September - Silencio Bar - Geneva, CH

02nd September - Hive - Zurich, CH

03rd September - Nordstern - Basel, CH

10th September - Eleven- Tokyo, JPN

15/16/17th September - Australia

23rd September - Sub Club - Glasgow, UK


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 June 2011 17:51

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