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John Digweed is an iconic DJ, producer, label owner, and mixing guru. He has enticed his fans over the years while showcasing an enormous spectrum of electronic sounds. Moving crowds, ripping floors, shredding festivals, and transforming minds across the planet, John, or as some call him “Diggers” is a progressive techno-house legend. 

Digweed's influence infinitely inspires the EDM community. 

John’s Transitions show has set the radio bar very high and has consistently brought the highest quality talent with tracks and mixes week in and week out. 

CGNY: Hello John, Thank you for making time for us at Clubbersguidenewyork. Which have been the most exciting festivals you have played in the past 2 years?

JD: Electric Zoo NYC, Sunwaves in Romania and Global Gathering UK, have all been pretty special. I am very lucky to play some amazing festivals allover the world, so it’s hard to choose one that stands out from the others.

CGNY: How was the inception of the name Bedrock created?

JD: Bedrock is a solid structure to build on so made a lot of sense to me.

CGNY: What kind of advice would you have for the future generations of artists?

JD: Try and be creative and make original sounding tracks.


CGNY: “Transitions” has been broadcast for over 11 years, how positive has satellite radio been for the show?


JD: Satellite radio has been very positive for my radio show; I think it is still very important for music to have good quality radio shows broadcasted on as many platforms as possible.

CGNY: What was the first song that changed your life and why?

JD: Planet Rock made a massive impact on me when I first heard it.

CGNY: It has been reported that you started djing at the age of 4? What were the first tracks you can remember you ever mixed?

JD: Hahaha! I don’t think so I started messing around with turntables at 13 and was playing in clubs at 15.

CGNY: Which of the newer venues around the globe have had the best overall experience and why?

JD: It’s not the venue, it’s the people that make the best parties and I am lucky to have a fantastic fan base.

CGNY: You mentioned that you are looking forward to playing in Kansas in August. What are you looking forward to regarding that festival?

JD: Well it’s my first time there so I love the challenge of a new crowd.

CGNY: What are some pre performance rituals?

JD: I don’t really have any I just to get focused and think about what I am going to play.

CGNY: What is your favorite piece of DJ equipment new or old?

JD: I love the Allen and Heath DB4, pioneer CDJ2000`s and Pioneer EFX 1000.

CGNY: Do you ever get time to dance?

JD: I was never really a dancer. I love controlling the music more.

CGNY: Do you still seek out tracks on vinyl?


JD: Yes but I then have to rip them onto wav format as I don’t play vinyl out now.

CGNY: Where is your favorite place to be when you’re not on tour?

JD: At home, when you travel as much as me it’s nice to relax at home.

John’s newest ‘Structures’ CD/LP due out this month. We also look forward to catching his set main stage at Electric Zoo 3 over Labor Day Weekend!


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Interview by Keith Mitchell

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