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Written by CGNY   
Friday, 20 May 2011 15:56

Simon Montomolli aka Simon Wish is no stranger to techno. Hailing from Italy, he's bringing his signature brand of Eurotechno to NYC!

CGNY: Simon you’re originally from Italy. Tell us about growing up there – what music did you listen to and when did you move to NYC?

SW: I was born and grew up in Cecina a little city in Tuscany.  I was listening to all types of music until I discovered the techno music. It’s very present in my region with legendary clubs like Insomnia  Jaiss, Imperiale and more. I moved to Miami in 2002 until 3 months ago when I moved to Linden, New Jersey

CGNY: Did you find a big change from djing in Italy versus the States? It seems for the kind of music you play, Europe just has more love for techno in general?

SW: There is not a lot difference between djing here and in Italy, but the biggest difference is the scene here. In the United States it's still very small. Europe of course is the capital of techno music but unfortunately I have to wait until I will move back to Europe!

CGNY: You’ve started working on your own original tracks. It seems that is a necessity for djs – they almost must become producers in order to get anywhere in the business. Your thoughts on that?

SW: I’m telling you the truth after several years djing in Miami(all over the place), Peru, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Puerto Rico I thought it was not enough so 3 years ago I started to produce my own music because if you want to be somebody in the scene you have to be a producer. Today everybody can be a "dj" or tries to be a "dj"   ;)

CGNY: Who or what artists would you say have had the most influence on your music?

SW: The most influential have been:  Sven Vath, Marco Carola, Anthony Rother and Ricardo Villalobos.

CGNY: What clubs have you played or festivals have you done that have been fun? Have you played back home since you moved here?

SW: The clubs I had the most fun in are Guendalina, Il Muretto(Italy), Tresor(Germany), The Box (Brazil) ... and yes I played back home the last 2 summers.

CGNY: Do you still use turntables and vinyl or have you moved onto CDs/virtual set ups? What do you think about the way technology is affecting the art of djing?

SW: I still use turntables with Traktor because after a few years living in the States it became very difficult to find good vinyl's so I decided to start playing vinyl's with Traktor.

CGNY: What are you working on at present? Any parties coming up that you want to share with us?

SW: I'm working in my new EP still to confirm which label it will come out on and I think I will play in June here in New York – details coming soon!

CGNY: The world is ending May 21st – so we’ve been told (update! We're still here!) What soundtrack would you like to go out with?!

SW: I'd like to go out  with Frank Sinatra - My Way



Last Updated on Thursday, 26 May 2011 14:57

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