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Written by CGNY   
Thursday, 24 February 2011 21:31

Rich (Merk-E), Irina (Veera), and Kenny (Ken Masters) aka House Assassins have been organizing events in New York and New Jersey over the past two years. Recent gigs have included Miss Jools, Pig and Dan and Pan/Tone.  On March 12th, heavy hitters Ralf Kollman (mobilee label boss) and Ahmet Sendil (Bosphorus Underground label head) will beat us up with some dark and dirty EDM.

CGNY: Well first up let’s talk about your upcoming NYC debut! Has it been a place you’ve wanted to come for a while? It promises to be a fantastic night with Mobilee label head Ralf Kollman and yourself. Have you dj’d with Ralf before?

AS: Yes it has, I haven't played with Ralf but I have performed with many German Djs before, Yes, it's gonna be a fantastic night. I think New York is a city that everybody wants to see

CGNY: You’re probably the most famous Turkish house/techno export! How did you get into the music scene in your native Istanbul? Who/what were you’re early influences?

AS: I am one of most popular djs from Istanbul, there are some other names too. Also there are some popular Turkish Djs who live in Germany, to be famous is very hard in Istanbul, it's a little bit out of music trend. Well anyway if you have the internet, you can make other people listen your tracks

CGNY: How did you move from hobbyist dj into your professional career?

AS: I never had Djing as hobby, I have been professional since I was 16, instead of studying at high school, I was playing at the clubs.

CGNY: You’ve toured all over Europe and the world – what are some of your favorite places to play?

AS: Germany, Bulgaria and Brazil are my favorite countries, and clubs such as Sankeys - Manchester, Penthaus - Munich and Comics - Varna.

CGNY: What’s the club scene like in Istanbul – do you live there full time?

AS: I think, it's not good enough. I don't play here often, usually I reject requests, only the city is special for me, there is no sharing about music between me and Istanbul.

CGNY: You’re with Bosphorus music label. Is that your own label or are you signed with them? How did that come about?

AS: I am the owner of Bosphorus Underground, I have founded it with one of my friends, Berkin Marangoz is the label manager and he is also my booking manage. Actually the name of Bosphorus Underground is coming from one of my rap singer friends. Bosphorus Underground was a sub-label in 2007, it was founded for Tech House and House releases, but by time it got its fame and became our main label, I think it has got a great name, it's sounding cool.

CGNY: What equipment do you use to DJ – are you a digital or a vinyl or CD guy?

AS: I miss to play Vinyl, it's the best one for me. I don't get accustomed to playing CDs, it's kinda difficult. I played with Ableton between 2007-2011, and now I am playing with Traktor, it's easier.

CGNY: Hoping you have some time to see the sights of NYC (if you’ve not been here before) – what are you most looking forward to checking out? Our famous pizza, the Empire State?!

AS: Pizza sounds cool, I will taste it, Empire State mmm I have acrophobia lol!

CGNY: What new productions are you working on now?

AS: I have just remixed for Yoshitoshi Recordings. I will do something for Bazooka Records and Abzolut soon, also my own label Bosphorus Underground. There are a lot of remix and original works waiting.

CGNY: Have ever mixed any Middle Eastern or Turkish music into your sets?

AS: I used to play in 90's. Right now I don't follow Turkish music.

CGNY: What’s the next stop after NYC?

AS: I will have a tour to  Brazil between 18-27 March, and 24 March I will be in Miami.




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