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Written by CGNY   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 15:11


Photo credit: Matthew Fitzgerald

Born on soul and disco, raised on house and techno can we get an "Amen" for NY-based DJ, Nutritious bringing the funk to NYC's dance floors. With recent gigs at Cielo, an upcoming gig headlined by Danny Tenaglia in Miami, a weekly radio show and party at Bembe in Williamsburg, Nutritious is feeding us some seriously tasty beats.

CGNY: Where are you from originally?

Nutritious: New York - Suffern, I guess people call it the 845 now... it’ll always be the 914 to me.

CGNY: How long have you been djing? And how did you get started in the music business?
Nutritious: I made my first mixtapes in 96/97 and spun my first party in 98. I guess my start in the music business happened when I was tapped to drum for the band Equal Groove back in 94 - I was 15 years old - they were all a bunch older than me and had a manager and great gigs at places like CBGBs and Coney Island High... I had to sneak into some of those shows because I was so young, but ultimately I started getting a good whiff of the industry.

Your style is house/deep house - you're drawn to that music more than others - why?
Nutritious: The conscious vibrations and positive messages in the music. I know life can often be a real pain in the ass so I like to spend my time promoting peace and happiness.

CGNY: Who/what bands/music did you grow up listening to?
Nutritious: Well, I’m still growing up. And, I’d love to be really imaginative with this but there’s just been so much - no short answer. My older brother, who decided this world was no longer for him in 06, had taught me so much about music - he played guitar so well, originals and covers - he sat me down in front of my first drum kit and taught me improv, years later he had this QY sequencer and I programmed my first tune on it with him which I dished to the djs at the Tunnel. Then during a visit to him in 2001 he showed me Fruity Loops and was like, “Do you know how to use this?” I took to it pretty quickly and we had a techno jam right-then-and-there the same way people use Ableton live now.

As far as sounds, I’d have to say my NYC brethren the Beastie Boys were the first huge influence on me. On the radio it was Funkmaster Flex and in the warehouses/clubs/festivals it was Keoki, Dan, Monk, Farina, Wink. My favorite mixtapes came by way of Bad Boy Bill and Rob Paine. I would also hit a little D&B from time to time and it was all Venom, Liondub, Marky, Aquasky. Thinking about it, I’ve always listened to ton of music, I mean, Slick Rick and Biz Markie on cassette, Pink Floyd, Rush, Zeppelin, MJ, Walter Murphy, & Dee Lite on vinyl, Black Box, C&C, Roni Size, The Prodigy on CD, Kenny Rogers on 8-track? That crazy confluence of playback mediums really defined my formative years in the 90s. Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, R&B, Classical, Funk, Disco... It could take me all day to detail everything I’ve listened to and listen to now. I’ve always been surrounded by music, absorbing new sounds, checking out new music. Bless music. Bless life for providing a never-ending supply of sound.

CGNY: Tell us a bit your regular radio show - on myhouseyourhouse.net - how did that come about?
Nutritious: I do a MHYH show called Gratitude on Tuesdays 11am-1pm NY time. I happened across MHYH one day and I was immediately taken in by the simplicity of the site. Then, the DJ spinning was blowing my mind - deep West Coast grooves out of San Fran spun seamlessly. Then, I started rapping with the DJ in the shoutbox and experienced how easy it was for listeners to connect with each other and the DJs during the shows at this place. I rooted around the broadcast schedule and saw that some of my main influences had shows on there - I was so psyched - I'm such a fan of the site. Then, I was like, “wait, this would be mad fun!” So I reached out to my manager to see if we could hook up a slot on there. She turned it around in a day and the guys that run the site have been so awesome to work with. A true family - you can really feel the whole MyHouseYourHouse vibe all the way through the experience.

CGNY: You're off to WMC this year - where will you be playing?
Nutritious: I’m really happy to be at The 4th Annual Future Classics Opening Pool Party starting at noon at the National Hotel on March 8th. It’s run by the legendary Terry Thompson (CodeRed, Defected) in conjunction with Neil Kurland (Soul Mob) and being headlined by our city's own Danny Tenaglia. It kicks off WMC at the National’s amazing pool. It’s also a celebration of The Basement Boys and Crystal Waters 20th Anniversary in House Music. The talent goes so deep for this party; Studio Apartment, Quentin Harris, Harley & Muscle, Groove Junkies, Chocolate Puma - to name a few - so excited for it. Definitely a blast hanging with Neil Kurland and the Soul Mob crew. Lee Mayjahs? is on board too and he’s pure joy. We’ll probably announce a few other shows soon and I’ll also be guest speaking on a panel, The Business of Being a DJ on Saturday March 12th at 2:30pm.

House has been around for a long time now -and its not going away! Why do you think people love house music so much - even with the rise of techno and other genres?
Nutritious: Conscious vibrations and positive messages. We are peace love and happiness.

CGNY: What are your favorite venues to play in the city?
Nutritious: Interesting question. I love rockin parties but I’m very picky about my favorites. I’m loving our parties at Bembe in Williamsburg - it’s great for what we do and I feel so blessed to be among the likes of Sabo, Nickodemus, Nappy G, Cumba Mela who have held residencies there - a dream come true. Outside of that, Cielo is primo for that big night out. The Dailysession from Zakka Corp is always fun, and then there's a few that will remain nameless here (if you suspect it's you, it probably is!) - blessed love and many thanks to everyone.

CGNY: Whats next for Nutritious? After WMC - any plans for other festivals/countries coming up?
Nutritious: There’s talks of some things happening around Ultra/Miami Music Week this year - we’ll see. First week in April, I’m doing a 3-day resort getaway in the mountains upstate called Rock N Roll Resort - there’s actually alot of funk/jazz happening there too and I’m hosting the dance club there, nightly. Hopefully some more Summer/Fall festival announcements after that. I would love to get back up to Canada and over to Europe this year.


Check him out at Bembe in Williamsburg - Feb 23rd - FREE!

· Address: 81 South 6th Street (Corner of Berry Street) Williamsburg Brooklyn
· Subway: J, M, Z at Marcy Ave.
· Date/Time: 02/23/2011 Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 – 10pm – 4am
· Phone: Bembe: 718-387-5389
· Web: http://www.bembe.us/

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