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Claude Young

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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 19:40

CGNY: Do you remember much about growing up in Iran – what kind of music would you have heard as a child? Is there music in your family?

AB: My family left when I was 3 years old, so now, not much. I remember music at home was everything from Persian and Assyrian music to Abba and Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and flamenco.

CGNY: Did you feel that living in Sweden, influenced your music composition at all? It sounds like it didn’t!

AB: Not really but you can never say what and how and where the influences come from. I wouldn’t know how my music would sound NOT growing up in Sweden.

CGNY: When “Groove La Chord” (I just played it in a set last week!) was picked up by Derrick May’s Transmat label, you must have felt like you’d finally ‘come home’ as it were! How did you decide to send that track to Transmat initially?

AB: Yes it was a very pleasant surprise. I decided to give my demo a last chance and I sent it to Detroit after not being able to have it released in Europe. It was never intended to be or have anything to do with Detroit. It’s just music I made in my bedroom. Now I do feel like coming home every time I’m in Detroit. ;)

CGNY: You’ve cited Jean Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode as some of your early influences. But to move from listening to deciding to make music - how did that happen?

AB: Just a step at a time, going from trying to figure out what the hell it was that made those sounds, then trying to find equipment that would sound like that. Then learning how to work a sequencer. The music I made though was never something that sounded like Jarre or Depeche.

CGNY: You’ve taken some time off from production and releases – what have you been doing in your down time? Does it ever worry you when you take time off that you might miss out as it were? And what motivates you to go back into the studio?

AB: I never took time off of production, it’s just that I don’t release EVERYTHING I make. I do produce on a regular basis and I do end up playing tracks live up to 2-3 years old by the time they finally get released. That said, I’m not the one waking up and going straight into starting making music. I’m a night time person and I’ve tried to be disciplined with work but I do find myself just feeling comfortable making music late at night. I only make music when I feel like it...I’m trying to change it and be more disciplined...but, I cant force myself into making music.

CGNY: You played at the inaugural DEMF festival in Detroit – any plans to come back there to play in the future?

AB: Like any other gigs, I’m not the one deciding on whether I’m playing or not, its the people booking me that decide. Well yes, I do have to decide if I want to play or not. But sure, if I would be invited to play again at the DEMF, I would.

CGNY: “Art of Vengeance” is your new label started in 2010. Why did you decide to start a label now and will you be looking for other artists to sign to the label?

AB: It was a plan I had back in 1996/1997 when I couldn’t get my music out but when i managed to get my first release on Transmat I dropped the plans of a label of my own. The name "Art of Vengeance" was already decided then but I chose to name my first 12" "art of vengeance". I decided to start it now since I felt like I want to be in control of what I release and not wait for months or up to years with having the stuff out. I will not be looking for other artists at the moment. I have too much music backed up I want I to get out.

CGNY: Well we look forward to hearing it! “Deeparture in Time – Revisited” is the first release on AoV – has some really nice remixers on it including Deetron and Jesper Dahlback. I was lucky enough to get a preview. What was the thinking behind the revisiting of this album? It’s kind of amazing how fresh it still sounds after over 10 years!

AB: For years I met people that either never managed to get a copy of it back then, or the new generation of clubbers that only just heard that I actually made music before 2007, that wanted to be able to buy it. So I decided to kick of the label with this so all the vinyl heads could get another chance to get Groove la Chord on vinyl.....and the non vinyl heads to get it digitally.

CGNY: What equipment do you use to DJ and/or produce with?

AB: I don’t dj, i only do live-sets. I use the same set up live more or less, as I do in the studio. A laptop, a UC-33 and a launchpad. I still have my old gear but I’m still happy with using software at this point.

CGNY: Do you ever get to visit Iran or have you ever played there?

AB: Havent been back since I was 3. I hope I can visit it one day though.

CGNY: Do you have a favorite tune – one that perhaps you like to work into a dj set whenever possible?

AB: It’s like choosing a favourite dish.....I don’t dj, so I’ll just skip this one, hehe ;)

CGNY: Any artist (new or old) in particular you’re listening to right now?

AB: Washed Out, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Harold Budd, Chopin, Chet Baker, the xx....something like that ;)

CGNY: What is your favorite city in the world?

AB: Again..impossible to say but:

Stochkholm, home is where my bed and kitchen is.
Berlin, for being 1.15 hr from home.
Detroit, my home away from home.
Madrid, for making me fall in love with Spain.
Mallorca, for making me want to re-locate my home.
Tokyo, for being a place i would like to call home in 2082.
New York, for being the place I would have liked to call home in the 80´s





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