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Remedy: Luke Eargoggle, Antenes, Bergsonist, Kid Ginseng and More

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Remedy: Luke Eargoggle, Antenes, Bergsonist, Kid Ginseng and More
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Magick City, 27 Box Street, Brooklyn NY
From : Sunday, 25 June 2017 16:00
Until : Monday, 26 June 2017 02:00
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Unlimited seats
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Ten hours of electro, techno and live electronics at this intimate day-into-night function in Greenpoint.

Line-up /

Luke EargoggleAntenesBergsonist, Kid Ginseng, AmouretteMaroje T

REMEDY is back for another round, this time taking you to a special place called Magick City, for a 10 hour day-into-the-night event with a cast of heavy hitters.

First a few words about the venue, Magick City is deep in Greenpoint but don’t let that deter you, it is an inviting, intimate space with a warm Klipsch sound system, amazing interior and sick DJ booth. Fun fact, the wooden floor was reclaimed from the legendary Roseland Ballroom. There’ll be coffee, pastries, ice pops / ice cream sandwiches for sale, and of course cocktails (with Kombucha!), beer, etc, etc. 

And now to introduce our artists:

Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben, Bunker) 
Antenes (L.I.E.S., The Bunker New York)
Bergsonist - Live (Borft, Styles Upon Styles, Bizaarbazaar) 
Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz)
Maroje T (Kraftjerkz, Chem Club, Remedy)
Amourette (Remedy)

Luke Eargoggle is a prolific mastermind of full bodied machine music whose name is synonymous with electro funk. Luke has had a huge impact on the electro scene with over 50 releases under his belt (for Bunker, Brokntoys, Unknown To The Unknown, Borft, Kraftjerkz, Mechatronica, Solar One Music, Abstract Forms, Klasse Wrecks, Kondi, Anarchy In The Funk, Melodies Souterraines, Tropical Underground, Transient Force, and many more). It’s insane how much quality electro music this man has made. He started his own label Stilleben in 1998 and is still very actively releasing music by E.R.P., Morphology, Das Muster, Mono Junk, DMX Krew and others. His notable collaborations include Egypt Ear Werk (with Egyptian Lover), Catnip (with Legowelt), Monkeyshop (With Rutherford), Faceless Mind (Johan Inkinen). 
 Even with this volume of music Luke is still somewhat of a mystery. Luke lives by the beach in Sweden where he makes music in peace.

To spice things up we invited Brooklyn based artists Antenes and Bergsonist to join us on present their own takes on neu school Electro.

Antenes is a fascinating modular mad scientist, who makes synthesizers out of vintage telephone equipment. She is also an active producer with a very well received debut on L.I.E.S., and more releases coming up in 2017. Last and definitely not least, she’s a true DJ’s DJ, with an electric range and strong vinyl skills. 

Bergsonist is a fictitious character from Brooklyn, Slovakia. Derived from Deleuze’s Bergsonism, the artist uses intuition as a method to deliver her/his intuitional psychoanalytic theories. A blend of different sound sources are used as a way to capture the essence of the ‘present’ moment. Bergsonist will be playing a LIVE set. 

And integral part of the line up is Kid Ginseng, a fresh electrofunk and freestyle DJ concentrating on the early era of electro. Kid is the touring DJ for Tom Tom Club with an unmatched record collection. He’s the boss of the Kraftjerkz label, releasing numerous 12”s of a few styles such as Luke Eargoggle, Entro Senestre, Yellow Beach Balls, Neud Photo, Zarkoff, Le Chocolat Noir, Maroje T, and others.

Remedy residents Amourette and Maroje T will be on opening and closing duties bringing you the fresh, the raw, the crunchiest tunes. 

Pls note: 
This event is all ages. Lil humans and lil aliens are welcome until 8pm. 
Remedy loves you and appreciates you but this event does not allow us to do ANY guestlist. No matter who you are. Shite, we’re even not on the guest list. We hope you will support us and buy a $15 advance ticket. We promise good music, good vibes, good sound, good production etc etc. 
Children under 12 do not need a ticket. 

Questions/ concerns: remedybrooklyn@gmail.com

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