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The Black Hole: Plural / Pure Immanence / Xiorro / Taylor Hawks

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The Black Hole: Plural / Pure Immanence / Xiorro / Taylor Hawks
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The Gateway, 1272 Broadway Brooklyn NY
From : Friday, 23 June 2017 22:00
Until : Saturday, 24 June 2017 04:00
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Unlimited seats
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Pure Immanence
Taylor Hawks

It's time to take a step back and analyze what is The Black Hole. Can anything ever escape The Black Hole? Can you see it? What would happen if anyone fell into it? This month, Plural steps into the control room, while making his New York debut, to guide us through this retrospective, but unearthly chapter. Things may not be what they seem and there's turbulence in the forecast, so Pure Immanence will be meeting us at the plane of immanence to smoothen out the circuit. 

Please keep in mind that The Black Hole is composed of an ego-less environment, in which, music is the only focus. A place where ALL can enjoy transcendent techno in a profoundly intimate space and not be distracted by the external forces. Come as you are and remember that misconduct shall not be tolerated. Experience the warping of space, the stretching of time and the only place where there is no reality: The Black Hole.

Plural - USA | (( Metroplex Records, Panel Trax Records, Diffuse Reality Records)) // (https://soundcloud.com/plural)

Pure Immanence | (( B.N.C.C. / Unter ))
// (https://soundcloud.com/pureimmanence)

Xiorro | (( A L K H E M Y ))
// (https://soundcloud.com/xiorro)

Taylor Hawks | (( A L K H E M Y ))
// (https://soundcloud.com/t-hawks)

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