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The Black Hole: Ayarcana US Debut

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The Black Hole: Ayarcana US Debut
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Tilt Brooklyn 248 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
From : Saturday, 20 May 2017 22:00
Until : Sunday, 21 May 2017 04:00
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Unlimited seats
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Damon Bradley

Ayarcana makes his US Debut with ALKHEMY at the Black Hole for an obscure odyssey releasing a somber barrage on those seeking metaphysical castigation. We summoned upon those who we knew would add to the pummeling and not forbear. Lashes by snare and agony by kicks, Mord Records' Ontal and TechnoFist's Damon Bradley join in on the immaterial decimation. As always, time's irrelevancy will be conceptualized beyond the horizon.

The Black Hole is composed of an ego-less environment, in which, music is the only focus. A place where ALL can enjoy transcendent techno in a profoundly intimate space and not be distracted by the external forces. Come as you are and remember that misconduct will not be tolerated. Experience the warping of space, the stretching of time and the only place where there is no reality: The Black Hole.

Ayarcana | US Debut
((South London Analogue Material, Parachute Records, Pls.Uk)) 
// ( https://soundcloud.com/ayarcana )

Ontal (( Mord Records ))
// ( https://soundcloud.com/ontal )

Damon Bradley (( TechnoFist, Sequence ))
// ( https://soundcloud.com/technofist )

Xiorro (( ALKHEMY ))
// ( https://soundcloud.com/xiorro )

T.Hawks (( ALKHEMY ))
// ( https://soundcloud.com/t-hawks )

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