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Metamorph: Erika, Nick Larkin - US Debut, Mashera - US Debut, & Zeina

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Metamorph: Erika, Nick Larkin - US Debut, Mashera - US Debut, & Zeina
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The Gateway, 1272 Broadway Brooklyn NY
From : Saturday, 01 April 2017 22:00
Until : Sunday, 02 April 2017 04:00
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Unlimited seats
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Erika (live) [Interdimensional Transmissions | Ectomorph | Detroit]
Nick Larkin (live) (US Debut) [Labrynth | Nabat | Dionysus Music | Moscow]
Mashera (US Debut) [Aglomerat | Nabat | Moscow]
Zeina [Unfamiliar | Cairo]

Visuals by: Lucid Studios
Artwork by: Sophia De Jong

Join us for a special night of two US debuts from Moscow and a live set from Erika, whose performances at Detroit's "No Way Back" series have taken on a near mythical status. Cairo-based DJ & producer, Zeina, who builds a place for female electronic musicians with her 'Unfamiliar' night, will kick things off.

If you haven't been to our events, Metamorph is designed as an immersive experience that utilizes music & live visuals to incubate a shift in perception. We'll be bringing in additional sound and lighting for this event.


Erika dreams on the cellular level, or perhaps of transdimensional intelligences moving through strange patterns on celestial objects, working towards a mysterious goal. Her connection to the dreamworld becomes concrete in her approach to music, simultaneously so solid and yet so ethereal. Erika still finds time to accomplish many things in her waking hours, such as being a member of Ectomorph, co-conspirator of Detroit's Interdimensional Transmissions record label, DJing with vinyl, making music with her pet machines, and running erika.net - a freeform streaming radio station. Erika.net celebrates its 15th year this year, being one of the very first radio stations to be an iTunes preset. From 1993 through 1999, Erika was very involved in WCBN in Ann Arbor, as a freeform and jazz DJ, and Program Director. The daughter of a famed scientist and already running a well known BBS from her bedroom by the time she was 13, Erika is no stranger to expressing her ideas through technology. In 1997 she was handed a TR-606 and asked to join Ectomorph, and has since become an electronic musician of the highest order, focusing on analog synthesis, with live hardware sequencing that allows transformation over time and a deep depth of tone. The release of her debut solo double album "Hexagon Cloud" is due imminently on IT.

Nick Larkin

Nick Larkin is one of the leading figures behind Russia's modern industrial wave that is taking hold of Moscow's underground scene. A musician, DJ, and sound engineer, Nick sound has a sense of infinite atmosphere with metallic groove, which is enhanced by his attention to detail in his highly-technical productions. Nick's latest release on NEN rec, Konfabulation, was released on the label of his good friends. It was dedicated to the memory of Paul Von Aphid and had participation from artists such as Alexey Volkov, Violet Poison, Sarin, and Unhuman mogie to name a few. 


Mashera is a strictly-vinyl DJ whose hypnotic sound includes elements of techno, industrial, EBM, & break-beat. Her careful track selection and technical focus makes her a standout in Russia's burgeoning underground scene. Mashera is a member of the post modernist movement NABAT, creative enterprise MAGNET, and AGLOMERAT. She has played around the world in cities including Berlin, Vilnius, Odessa, Chisinau, Kho-Pangan, San Francisco and Goa. Recently she played an enchanting set at the iconic Tresor club in Berlin.


Warm, open and grounded. Cairo based DJ & producer, Zeina, makes music that is as expressive and creative as she is as an artist. With a slow but steady commitment to building community around music, Zeina has spent the past 10 years between Canada, Cairo and Berlin. A regular at intimate spaces like Club der Visionäre, she has shaped and fueled her exploration of the vast space where house and techno meet. Currently floating between Cairo and Berlin, she's set on building a place for female electronic musicians with her 'Unfamiliar' night- aiming to cross-pollinate talent and influences from both cities.

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